Environmental Health Concentration

Required courses include: Core (28 hours) and Environmental Health concentration core (eight hours). In addition, choose 12 hours of electives from one option below.

Core Courses
MPH 503 Biostatistics for the Health Professional 4
MPH 506 Community Health Research 4
MPH 511 Foundations Of Epidemiology 4
MPH 521 Environmental and Occupational Health 4
MPH 531 Public Health Policy and Administration 4
MPH 561 Community Health Education 4
MPH 581 Internship 1,2 4
Environmental Health Concentration Core
MPH 449 Environmental Toxicology 4
MPH 527 Environmental Risk Assessment 4
Environmental Health Concentration Electives
Select one of the following options: 12
Option 1: Environmental Risk Assessment 4
Risk Management and Communication
Risk Assessment: Air, Land, and Water
Health Economics
Option 2: Emergency Planning & Homeland Security 5
ECCE: Crisis in Environmental Health
Program Evaluation for Public Health
Risk Management and Communication
Option 3: Environmental Health Policy
Select three of the following:
Food Safety Practice and Policy 3
ECCE: Environmental Policies: Air Quality 3
ECCE: Solid and Hazardous Wastes Policy
Occupational Safety and Health Policy 3
Total Hours 48

Students in the MPH/HMS joint degree may take either MPH 581 or HMS 550 to fulfill the internship requirement. Four hours of internship must be taken in order to complete the requirements. Each credit hour equals 100 contact hours.


Students may submit a Student Petition form to use PAD 561 as one hour toward the internship requirement.


MPH students must select the four hour option for this course to meet degree requirements.


Students in this option may want to also take MPH 529 to qualify for the Risk Assessment Certificate.


Students in this option are eligible to apply for a Certificate in Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security.