Student Spotlight: Student Engagement Activities

Committed to academic success of students

The Public Health department is highly committed to the academic success of their students and embraces initiatives that improve student success; in this light, the faculty uses different approaches in teaching and learning to expose students to diverse learning styles and

keep them engaged throughout the process. Student presentations, classroom activities, site visits, and course projects are some engagement activities our students are exposed to in the MPH program.

Student presentations

Presentations by students prepares them for public speaking and leadership roles they will be undertaking as professionals in the public he

alth field upon graduation. Also, this activity helps improve students’ confidence and help students to gain more insights into the to

Students taking blood

pics they present on from their research.

Classroom activities

Classroom activities are different for every class but the important thing is that they all help students to practice some of the things they learn in theory. This helps in better understanding of topics discussed and also enhances students to interact and engage in team work to enable them learn from each other.

Site visits

Another exciting approach used in engaging students is taking them for visits to institutions working on issues related to what they learn in Public Health. A typical example is the visit to the State Capitol, where students attend General Assembly Sessions or Bill Hearings on Public Health related issues. This exercise helps students learn more about Public Health Policy processes beyond the classroom.

Course projects

In addition, students are engaged and encouraged to do scholarly works as professionals in order to add to existing knowledge on issues. Course projects are works that engage students into research work on topics either individually or in groups and report their findings in reports and presentations sometimes to earn grades and also learn research methods and gain skills in the process. This is very important for any career path students may choose in future.


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