Student Spotlight: Emilie Lohman Irwin

Emilie Lohman IrvinA varied experience at UIS

Emilie Lohman Irwin is an on campus student doing a Master’s in Public Health-General concentration at University of Illinois at Springfield; working towards completion of her program in May 2017.

She currently serves as a Graduate Research Assistant in the UIS Survey Research Office. Her motivation to enroll into the Public Health program at UIS is to bridge the gap between her prior experiences in state government, where she served as a Dunn Fellow in the Illinois Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, and her interest in healthcare.

As a graduate student in the Public Health program, Emilie enjoys a variety of courses offered because they enable her to increase her knowledge in diverse areas such as environmental health and public health policy. In addition, the variety of elective course options to choose fulfills her interests and expands her knowledge in areas like epidemiology. Also, the flexibility provided by the program in terms of course choice allowed Emilie to tailor her degree to the fields that interest her most.

Emilie has a goal to pursue a career in the medical field and work to address disparities in the healthcare system, using the skills gained from her MPH coursework and experiences at UIS.