Statements of Michelle Tuma and Andrea Carlson

February 2014
Note: Michelle and Andrea were roommates their freshman year at UIS.


Michelle Tuma, Elgin, Illinois
Model Illinois Government Head Delegate
College Democrats Vice President

I feel I learned a lot from rooming with someone of the opposite political ideology. Seeing the world from a different point of view and learning to respect another person’s opinions and values simply by living with her my freshman year has helped me navigate Political Science courses in college. I believe that Andi and I both benefited from the experience and it set the foundation for our working together throughout our undergraduate studies. We both have a lot of friends with a range of political ideologies and we all get along great without shying away from our opinions.


Andrea Carlson, Plainfield, Illinois
Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UIS
Model Illinois Government Co-Head Delegate
UIS Mock Trial Captain

Rooming with Michelle, who happened to be of an opposite ideology, taught me some important lessons. I learned to listen to competing opinions with respect and a critical eye. I also learned that it was necessary to defend my positions with solid arguments and facts. Lastly, I learned the importance of collaboration. I believe living with Michelle helped me learn to work with individuals who are different than myself. This experience has been invaluable as a student leader, because it’s imperative to collaborate and listen to those with different perspectives.  I believe Michelle and I have used our experience and friendship to succeed in the classroom and beyond.