9 Things UIS Alumni Can Do

[Updated March 10, 2015]

  1. Enjoy your life.

    “Give it everything you’ve got. Make sure, when the curtain comes down, that you’re exhausted – that you’ve wrung every last drop of joy and wonder and pain and awe from life.”

    Kathy Best
    2013 UIS Commencement speech

  2. Engage with UIS on social media
  3. Update your contact and directory information on the Alumni website
  4. Join the Illinois Connection
  5. Offer an internship to a current student, or hire one in the summer. Contact Sarah Stover at the AST Office or Tammy Craig at the Career Center
  6. Events especially for alumni:
  7. Save this date and give us just a little time
  8. Make a donation to a scholarship or create your own scholarship.
    Current students need scholarships, no question about it. The reason some don’t return or finish their degree is that they cannot afford it. There are scholarships for many purposes. Check here to see the possibilities.
  9. Stop by the campus!