Special Approval

Special Approvals are required for classes that have prerequisites (American government, Microeconomics) or have other unique requirements. Summer courses have no “online” holds (are open for everyone) and only courses with prerequisites need special permissions.  Click Here to Special Request a Class.

The special permission form should not be used when a class is full. Use the registration system wait list or check here for more information.

Online Course Holds

The fall and spring dates when online class registration becomes open to all students are:

Core courses are held for online program students as follows:

Fall/Summer – May 30
Spring – December 10

Electives now open to everyone when offered online – no restrictions. Please note: This policy may have to be amended if there is a significant disruption in the availability of online classes.

Online Certificate Requirements

Held for certificate students for three weeks after priority registration begins.

Approvals are issued with two-week “expiration dates.” So once a student has been notified by the office that they have approval for the class, there is a two week window within which they need to register.

Click Here to Special Request a Class
(Note: For Public Administration Classes Only)

We recognize that some students may experience extenuating circumstances that prevent enrollment in the two-week period allowed. Please contact the office if you find yourself in such a situation. Make sure to contact the office before the three-week window closes.

TIP For Faster Response:

Keep in mind when filling out the form to include section number or CRN. Often an instructor will teach two sections – one online and one on campus. Be sure to include your UIN and the instructor’s name if given on the dynamic course schedule. All approvals are issued in the order in which they are recieved. Only an instructor may override the list in exigent circumstances.