Text Books

Text Books – 2015 Fall Semester


PAD 501 A & B – Introduction to the Profession

Public Administration – REQUIRED

Stillman, 9th, Paper, 9780618993017.

Public Administration Workbook – REQUIRED

Dresang, 7th, Paper, 9780205019960


PAD 502 A & B  – Organization Dynamics 

Organizational Learning at NASA – REQUIRED

Mahler, Georgetown University Press,  ISBN: 9781589012660

Understanding & Managing Public Organizations– REQUIRED

Rainey, 5th, 9781118583715


PAD 503 A & B  – Analytical Tools

Applied Statistics for Public & Nonprofit Administration – REQUIRED 

Meier,9th, Paper, 9781285737232 (E-book edition permitted)


PAD 504 A & B – Budget and Finance

Public Budgeting Systems – REQUIRED

Lee, 9th, Hardcover, 9781449627928 for A

For section B- 9781449627904 (E-book option permitted)


PAD 505 A & B – Human Resources Management 

Human Resource Management in Public Service: Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems- REQUIRED

Berman, 4th, Hardcover, Sage, 9781412991674

Classics of Public Personnel Policy – REQUIRED

Thompson, 3rd, Paperback, Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 9780155062788

 Agents of Change: Strategy and Tactics for Social Innovation – REQUIRED

Cels, et al, 2012, Paperback, Brookings Institution Press/Ash Center for Democratic Governance & Innovation, 9780815722625


PAD 506 – Public Policy for Managers

Practical Guide for Policy Analysis – REQUIRED

Bardach, 4th, CQ Press/Division of Sage, 1608718425

Public Policy Analysis: Intro

Dunn, 5th, Pearson, 0205252575


PAD 507 – Information/Decision Making

Public Administration and Information Technology–REQUIRED

Reddick, 2012, Jones and Bartlett, 9780763784607

Access 2013: The Missing Manual – REQUIRED

MacDonald, 2013, O’Reilly Media, Inc., 9781449357412


PAD 511 – Collective Bargaining

Managing Labor Relations in the Public SectorREQUIRED

Coleman, Hardcover, 9781555422455


PAD 524- Capital Budgeting

Capital Project Planning and Evaluation: Expanding the Role of the Finance Officer- REQUIRED

Casey, 2007, Vol. 8, Chicago: Government Finance Officers Association, 0891252916.

Handbook for Muni-Bond Issuers – REQUIRED

Mysak, Bloomberg, 1998, 9781576600238 (also available as an electronic book).


PAD 533 A – Program Evaluation

Evaluation: A Systematic Approach – REQUIRED

Rossi, 7th, 9780761908944

Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation – RECOMMENDED

Wholey, 3rd, 9780470522479


PAD 534 A – Program Implementation

Program Planning and Evaluation for Public Manager REQUIRED

Sylvia, 4th, Paper, Waveland, 9781577667780

Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service – REQUIRED

Lipsky, Paper, Sage Foundation, 9780871545442


PAD 535 A- Public Administration Diversity

Cultural Competence for Public Managers: Managing Diversity in Today’s World  – REQUIRED

Borrego, 2012, Hardcover, CRC Press, 9781439828076

NOTE: This text comes with a CD s, the texts must be NEW or must have the CD with used copies.

Administration and the Other: Explorations of Diversity and Marginalization in the Political                        

Administrative State- REQUIRED

Farmbry, 2009, Paper, Lexington, 9780739119112

Diversity and Public Administration: Theory, Issues, and PerspectivesREQUIRED

Rice, 2nd, Paper, Routledge, 9780765626332

Emotional Labor: Putting the Service in Public Service REQUIRED

Guy, 1st, Paper, Taylor and Francis, 9780765621177


PAD 542 A – Nonprofit Sector & Society

Nonprofit Management: Principles & Practices – REQUIRED

Worth, 9781452243092

Five Life Stages of Nonprofit Organizations – REQUIRED

 Simon, 9780940069220


PAD 544 A – Fundraising for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Achieving Excellence in Fund Raising  REQUIRED

Tempel, 3rd, 9780470551738


PAD 561 A, B –Organization Environment and Public Service

Improving the Performance of Government Employees– REQUIRED

Liff, Hardcover, 9780814416228


PAD 571 A  – Capstone

No materials required.


PAD 571 B – Capstone

A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving REQUIRED

Bardach, 4th, Paper 9781608718429

Case Study  Research: Design and MethodsREQUIRED

Yin, 5th, Paper, 1452242569

 Doing Your Literature Review: Traditional and Systematic Techniques – REQUIRED

Jesson, & Lacey, Hardcover, 9781848601543


PAD 590 A- U.S. Social Policies

Changing Poverty, Changing Policies – REQUIRED

Cancian, Paper, 6780871543103


PAD 590 B – Nonprofit Capacity and Collaboration

No books required.


PAD 651- Conduct of Inquiry / Theoretical Foundations

Classics of Public Administration – REQUIRED

Shafritz, 2012, 7th, Wadsworth, 9781111342746