Registration Help

Important note:  Students who have entered the program previous to fall 2015 will need to register for one additional hour for every course they take.  Since all PAD classes are three hours beginning in fall of 2015 and students who began before fall of 2015 need four credits per class, the additional hour is essential to have enough credits to graduate.  The only exception to this rule are four hour electives outside of the PAD department.  Use the special permission for one hour class form for these one hour additions.

Current registration help is below or go to class planning help for planning beyond this next semester.

Note that blended classes meet on ground for some classes and online for others.

For many of our classes (PAD 502, PAD 503, PAD 505 and most electives) registration is as simple as going to the Registrar’s site and following the instructions.

PAD students are given preference in registration for PAD core classes to assure they get the classes they need.

PAD online core classes are held for PAD online students to register until the end of the registration semester. After that, PAD on ground students may register for the online core classes using the link above and non-PAD students can request “Special Approval to register.

When things get more compicated, ask yourself one or two questions and click for the answers or to take the next step.

Does the class need “Special Approval in order to register (PAD 501, PAD 504, PAD 571, PAD 580)?

Is the class full? Classes fill up quickly. Register early. If you want a to be considered for enrollment in a full class, click here for full classes requiring special permission and here for other full classes.

Is this an online core or capstone class and you are an on ground student? These online classes are held to the end of the semester for online registration. Then they open as noted above. PAD 571 (Capstone) online is always restricted to online program students only. Click here for an explanation if you are an on ground student wanting to get into these classes when they open.