Student Honors

Pi Alpha Alpha

UIS established a chapter of the national public administration honor society—Pi Alpha Alpha. Please see the honor society home page for more information.

Pi Alpha Alpha Induction Spring 2016
Pi Alpha Alpha Induction Spring 2016

Student MarshalsDSC_0191

Each year the department selects a student who has high academic achievement and represents the spirit of the department to represent us at commencement. Recent selectees include:

Alison Storm, MPA, Class of 2018

Terri Miller, MPA, Class of 2017

Jasmine Jetton-Gonzales, MPA, Class of 2016

Sarah Mackey, DPA, Class of 2016

Manuel Talavera, MPA, Class of 2015

Mike Woods, DPA, Class of 2015

Lauren Gibson, MPA, Class of 2014

Betsy Goulet, DPA, Class of 2014

Amy Uden, MPA, Class of 2013

Matthew Montgomery, DPA, Class of 2013

Anupama Surendran, MPA, Class of 2012

Nancy Leann Huyck, DPA, Class of 2012

Judy Guenseth, MPA, Class of 2011

Barbara Ferrara, DPA, Class of 2011

Nick Conklin, MPA, Class of 2010

John Phillips, DPA, Class of 2010

Katie Miller, MPA, Class of 2009

Tosha Cantrel-Bruce, DPA, Class of 2009

Capstone Paper Award

Aby Lee Hood, Class of 2014 – Marijuana: A Policy Analysis of Legalization Alternatives in Missouri

Benjamin T. Jackson, Class of 2012 – Correction Illinois’ Natural Resources Funding Deficit

Feyza Tokaç, Class of 2011 – eGovernment in Turkey