Transfer to the BA in Public Administration

AA/AS Transfers into Public Administration

The AA/AS – BA in Public Administration completion option offers students with a traditional transfer oriented associate’s degree the opportunity to attain a baccalaureate degree intended to help prepare them for management and supervisory positions in public service and nonprofit organizations. Upon transfer into the BA in Public Administration program, the student with a 60+ semester hour associate’s degree from an accredited institution would need to complete at least 60 hours at UIS for the BA in Public Administration. As part of their general education courses for their associate’s degree, students should take the equivalent of the following courses: ECO 201 Introduction to Microeconomics, PSC 242 Statistics for Social Studies or other approved Math or Statistics course, and PSC/LES 201 Introduction to the American Political System. These courses satisfy 9 hours of the BPA program core. University ECCE hours also need to be completed in the 60 UIS hours taken after transfer (10 more hours). However, several of the PA elective courses are also ECCE approved courses and will satisfy these requirements.

Transfer students are encouraged to complete their Associate’s degree prior to transfer. Students who do not choose to complete their associate’s degree should try to complete their IAI* general education core courses. If they do not, they can complete their general education courses after transfer to UIS.

Sample Curriculum

AA/AS Degree Plan

(60 hours total, including completed IAI* general education hours)

Gen Ed courses accepted toward the BA in Public Administration core degree requirements:

Math (Introduction to Statistics or Statistics for Social Science) * – 3 hours

Intro to American Government * – 3 hours

Introduction to Microeconomics * – 3 hours

(These 3 courses meet the following BA in Public Administration course requirements. If not taken at the community college, they will need to be taken at UIS after transfer.

PSC 242 – Statistics for Social Studies or other approved course (satisfies the applied math requirement) – 3 hours

ECO 201 Introduction to Microeconomics – 3 hours

PSC/LES 201 Introduction to the American Political System – 3 hours)

Remaining hours in AAS applied content courses are accepted as elective credit in transfer.

UIS BA in Public Administration Courses for Completion

Students will complete 60 hours at UIS after transfer for a total of 120 hours in the BPA. Students who transferred before completing their degree will be required to complete any remaining general education courses after transfer. Students will also have to complete their university required ECCE hours.

BA in Public Administration Core Courses (24 hours remaining after the 9 already taken as part of general education at the community college)

PAD 301 Introduction to Public Service Management – 3 hours

PAD 302 Leadership and Management of Public Organizations – 3 hours

PAD 303 Public Policy for Managers – 3 hours

PAD 470 Research Methods and Management – 3 hours

PAD 471 Public Administration Senior Capstone – 3 hours

Public Administration tracks

BPA students must take at least 12 hours of electives in the major. These courses should be taken as part of one of the following tracks: Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy, State and Local Government Management, or Management of Public Policy

The remaining hours to complete the 120 hour total for the BA in PA are taken as general education, ECCE, or electives.

* Choose Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) approved course options