Examples of Student and Graduate Jobs

We are often asked where Public Administration students/graduates work. For examples of the types of occupations associated with Public Administration, see our page on advantages to public administration degrees. In addition, the following table provides a summary of the data we have on the employment status of our graduates six months after completing the program for the last three years. The categories are those used for NASPAA reporting.

NASPAA Employment Categories 2014-2015 Graduates 2015-2016 Graduates 2016-2017 Graduates 2017-2018 Graduates
National or central government in the same country as the program 3 4 6 0
State, provincial or regional government in the same country as the program 22 21 27 20
City, county, or other local government in the same country as the program 11 11 7 15
Foreign government (all levels) or international quasi-governmental 0 0 1 0
Nonprofit domestic-oriented 14 13 9 3
Nonprofit / NGOs internationally-oriented 0 0 0 0
Private Sector – research/consulting 0 0 0 0
Private sector (not research/consulting) 0 12 4 2
Military 2 5 0 1
Obtaining further education 1 1 1 1
Unemployed seeking employment 0 0 0 0
Unemployed not seeking employment 0 0 0 0
Status Unknown 12 3 3 6
Total Number of Graduates 65 70 58 48


Here is a list of sample positions of our program graduates (some with identifying information removed). We are proud of the public service contributions our graduates are making.

  • President, Woods Fund of Chicago
  • Program Director, General Studies at Midwest University
  • Business Relations Consultant
  • Senior Physician Recruiter at Large Heathcare System
  • Principal Strategy Consultant at Baxter Strategic Consulting Group
  • French Language Trainee at Foreign Service Institute
  • Manager at University of Illinois Foundation
  • JOPES Analyst at USARCENT, 3rd Army
  • Student – Naval War College
  • Teach for America, Corps Member
  • Director, Habitat for Humanity Chapter
  • Procurement Compliance Monitor at Executive Ethics Commission
  • Wind Energy Program Coordinator at Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University
  • Senior Accountant, Girl Scouts of Central Illinois
  • Director, Municipal Housing Authority
  • Health Initiatives Representative at American Cancer Society
  • National Parks Conservation Association – Center for Park Management Program Coordinator
  • Supervisor, Planning, Research & Development at Illinois Department on Aging
  • Mid-level manager, Seoul Municipal Government
  • Community Outreach Coordinator and Liaison at Louisville Metro Government
  • Operations Budget Analyst, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Probation Officer
  • Village of Chapin Village President, Crisis Management Director
  • Programme Associate, United Nations
  • Research Manager, Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce and Quantum Growth Partnership
  • Staff Assistant to Dept. Director of Highways
  • Supervisory Adjudications Officer for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Investigator, US Food and Drug
  • Police Officer with the City of Belvidere Illinois Police Department
  • Program Manager for the State of Utah
  • Courtroom Services Supervisor for the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois
  • C-5 Pilot in the Air Force
  • Acting Warden, Correction Center
  • Fire Dept. Dir. Of Public Education
  • Supervisory Veterary Officer
  • Public Works Director
  • Budget Tech, Corps of Engineers
  • Assistant Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer
  • Environmental Engineer, Indian Health Service
  • Military Police Team Leader, Army National Guard
  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Criminal Investigations Supervisory Sergeant, Police
  • EPA Field Scene Coordinator
  • Financial Manager of Research Center
  • HR Analyst
  • Central Illinois Foodbank, Public Relations Manager
  • Chief of Staff – Community College
  • Director of Program at Girl Scouts of Central Illinois