Student/Career Planning

We encourage students think about their career plans.  On this page, we have resources and helpful suggestions to assist you to plan your career.

Some Helpful Suggestions

  • Don’t be passive or wait until you graduate to begin working on job placement or advancement
  • Network!
    • Join professional associations like ASPA.  If you are specializing, there are associations for higher education administration, city administration and planning, nonprofit management and more.  These often have their own hiring assistance programs.
  • Focus on your resume.

    • Join the Honor Society if eligible.
    • Get help development/distributing your resume
    • A portfolio of your work would be useful.
    • Internships are great to have on your resume.  Also great for networking.
    • Students may find volunteering valuable for the resume, for experience, for networking and because it is public service.
  • Finding a job:
    • Contact the Career Center at UIS for assistance.  Attend their career days and network with employers.
    • The federal government has a career website if you are interested in a career in the federal government.
    • is a great resource for public service employment.  The site is sponsored by ASPA. NASPAA and others.
    • For a job with the State of Illinois, check here.  You may need to take an employment exam to get into the system.
    • The Illinois Department of Employment Security provides a job search site called Illinois Job Link.
    • The Illinois City/County Management Association (ILCMA) provides a list of local government job postings.
    • Use job resource search sites:
  • Get advice on cover letters, interview skills and other job-related information at O*Net.
  • Your academic adviser is a great source of help and can offer other referrals as needed.  Faculty can write letters of recommendation if they know you well enough and are asked.  It is helpful to allow several weeks for these to be written.