Online Core/Capstone Classes for on Ground Students

There are two “types” of online core or capstone courses that you might consider. These are “Special Approval” classes and “Not Special Approval” classes.

Special Approval Classes

Does this online class need “Special Approval” in order to register (PAD 501, PAD 504, PAD 571)?

As an on-ground student you can ask for special approval for the online class at any time. Asking for special approval gets you on the “wait list” for the class. So when the class opens up to on- ground students, if there are still seats available, you may get a seat. This depends on how early you did the special registration request. So it is in your best interest to do the Special Approval even before the opening of registration.

NOT Special Approval Classes

What about online core classes (502, 503, 505, 506, 507) that are not full when the end of the semester comes?

If these courses have openings at the end of the semester then you can register “first come-first served.”

What if the class is or becomes full?

See instructions here.