Internship Information for Agencies

We welcome agencies that are interested in setting up a one-time or a continuous internship position.  Such positions provide valuable assistance for agencies (public and nonprofit) and help us as we train future leaders for public service.

Pay and Hours

For departmental internships, the issue of internship pay and the actual arrangements for payment are to be discussed and agreed to by the student intern and the organization that sponsors the internship. The Public Administration program encourages paid internships; however, this not a requirement for the internship.

To get academic credit for internships, students must work a minimum number of hours.  A full-time internship (40 hours per week) should last a minimum of ten weeks and a maximum of 12 months.  At a minimum, part- time internships would utilize the student for at least 20 hours per week for 15 weeks.  After the internship period, agencies are free to end the work arrangement or may choose to work out other arrangements with the student independent of the academic internship.

Work Assignments

Internships should provide students with an experience that will help them grow as leaders and managers of agencies.  We would hope that the level and nature of the internship assignments would contribute to this goal.  While we recognize that every position involves a certain amount of clerical, filing and other similar tasks, it is important that this kind of work be kept at a reasonable level.

Students and supervisors will work out learning objectives in consultation with a faculty member that are consistent with the goals of the internship and fit into the mission and needs of the agency.

Connections with the Department

Faculty in the department will want to get to know the supervisor and the work situation.  Part of our job is to help the student reflect on his/her internship experience in light of what the student is learning in class.  We also want to develop strong relationships with agencies so that we understand what they need in the leaders we are training.  Often such university/agency relationships lead future faculty and student involvement in the agency.  This, too, is a goal of our internship program.

Getting Started

If you are interested in developing an internship at your agency, please feel free to call or email us using the information below.  We will be glad to sit down and help you think through the possibilities.

Contact the MPA program:
call (217) 206-6310