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Degree Planning

Planning and Advice

  • Students should use the Course-Planning New Catalog spreadsheet.  You can check the projected course offerings (PDF) and consult your advisor for help.
  • A tentative schedule for coming semesters, and syllabi from past semesters. This is not final and only meant as an aid in planning. With faculty and other changes, the schedule will be adjusted and re-posted here (PDF).
  • Your advisor is your first source of help if you have questions. If you don’t know your advisor, contact the office.

Online Core/Capstone Classes for on Ground Students

There are two “types” of online core or capstone courses that you might consider. These are “Special Approval” classes and “Not Special Approval” classes.

Special Approval Classes

Does this online class need “Special Approval” in order to register (PAD 501, PAD 504, PAD 571)?

  • As an on-ground student you can ask for special approval for the online class at any time. Asking for special approval gets you on the “wait list” for the class. So when the class opens up to on- ground students, if there are still seats available, you may get a seat. This depends on how early you did the special registration request. So it is in your best interest to do the Special Approval even before the opening of registration.

NOT Special Approval Classes

What about online core classes (502, 503, 505, 506, 507) that are not full when the end of the semester comes?

  • If these courses have openings at the end of the semester then you can register “first come-first served.”

Special Approval – Class Full

If Class is Full

When a class requiring special approval is full, you can still complete the special approval form and be placed on the waiting list. The department will notify you if your name comes up for a spot in the class and then you can register. In some cases where there are special circumstances the department may not follow the list order. This happens, for instance, if a student needs a class in order to graduate that semester.

If a class is full and there are exceptional reasons why you need this class this semester, you can email the instructor and ask if you can get an override into the class. We try hard to keep classes small enough for good instruction, so only exceptional reasons will be considered by instructors. If the instructor allows the override, ask them to send an email to the office indicating that. The office will check for prerequisite requirements and then let you know you can register.

Special Approval – Class Not Full

Please note that approvals are issued with two-week “expiration dates.” Also, PAD 571 (Capstone) online is always restricted to online program students.

Are you trying to register for PAD 501, 504 or 571 or other special approval class?

  • We will process requests in the order in which they are received. If the class becomes full, we will keep your request in the queue in case someone withdraws from registration. We will notify you promptly if a space is still open and you can register. Please click here to complete the special approval form.

We recognize that some students may experience extenuating circumstances that prevent enrollment in the two-week period allowed. Please contact the office if you find yourself in such a situation. Make sure to contact the office before the three-week window closes.

Special Approval – Held for Online or Certificate Students

For classes that require special That waiting list will be open to both online and on ground students. You can access the waiting list where you register for classes.

Classes which don’t fill up with online students before the date they are held for online students will become open to on ground students in the normal registration system according to the schedule below.

Core courses are held for online program students as follows:

Fall/Summer – May 30
Spring – December 10

Online Certificate Requirements

Some are held for certificate students for three weeks after priority registration begins.

Special Approval – Instructions

Certain courses (PAD 501, PAD 504, PAD 571, and PAD 580) require special approval before students can register. In order to receive special approval follow the links below.

Are there spaces left in the class? Then click here and follow the instructions to request approval.

Is the class full? Click here.

Do not use this form for the addition of one hour to three hour classes.  Students who have entered the program previous to fall 2015 will need to register for one additional hour for every course they take.  Since all PAD classes are now three hours beginning in fall of 2015 and students who began before fall of 2015 need four credits per class, the additional hour is essential to have enough credits to graduate.  The only exception to this rule are four hour electives outside of the PA department.  Use the special permission for one hour class form for these one hour additions.