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Studying for Finals

Planning Your Classes

Please visit the link below to view classes offered up to Spring 2025:

This is a tentative schedule and could change in the future. However, the PDF file above will be updated if changes are made.

There is a six-year time limit on completing the MPA. Check here for more information.

Changing from the On-Ground to the Online Program

Requests for a change of program to the online program will normally be considered, along with new applications to the online program, during the fall and spring online admission process…

Changing from the On-Ground to Online Program

Registration Help

Students should use the Course-Planning New Catalog spreadsheet. You can check the projected course offerings and consult your advisor for help.

Registration Help

Degree Audit

Use this degree audit system to view an unofficial degree report. This audit will include all completed courses as well as those in progress.

  • This self-generated audit does NOT take place of regular academic advising sessions. This should be used as a tool for degree planning. For further questions about your degree, please contact your advisor or email the department.

Preparing for Graduation

Make sure you check your progress with the degree audit system shown above and/or contact your advisor if not sure.

  • Fill out the Graduation Application Signature Form
    • Use the “Major or Certificate 1” field to select the MPA if you are receiving the MPA degree. Use the “Major or Certificate 2” field to select a certificate if applicable.
  • Send the completed form to your advisor.
  • The advisor will then contact you if there are issues or sign and send the form to the registrar.

Student Career Planning

Build your resume with unique values and communicate with confidence. Here are some sites that will help you create a better resume:

Career Center

  • The Career Development Center empowers all students prior to graduation to develop the ability to prepare and adapt to constant lifelong change as they pursue meaningful personal and professional success while embracing leadership and service within a competitive, global society.


  • This site highlight occupational knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). Search on occupations to list top KSAs and transferable skills on resumes.

Establishing a Network

Student Organizations

Eligible students should submit honor society membership applications when requested by the department (usually mid-spring). If you meet enrollment qualifications and would like to join…

Student Organizations

Student Recognition

  • Join the Honor Society if eligible.
    • This is a great way to network with colleagues as well as having job seeking resources available to students.

Job Postings

  • The Illinois City/County Management Association (ILCMA) provides a list of local government job postings.
  • The federal government has a career website if you are interested in a career in the federal government.
  • For a job with the State of Illinois, check this site here.
    • You may need to take an employment exam to get into the system.
  • The Illinois Department of Employment Security provides a job search site called Illinois Job Link.
  • Interested in the non-profit sector? Use these job search sites:

Time Requirements

Your MPA degree will certify that you have mastered a set of knowledge and skills as of the date you are awarded your degree. Find more information about those Time Requirements.

Useful Links

Important Websites for Students

Academic & Career Assistance

We encourage students think about their career plans – we have resources and helpful suggestions to assist you to plan your career.

Technical Assistance