Management of Public Policy

The following is a list of required courses.  Students who believe they have had a comparable course at a four-year university or community college may submit a Student Petition form to the department to waive the course requirements.  Students may submit a Student Petition form to count a maximum of four courses as transfer credit toward the Public Administration major.  Students are encouraged to take the foundation courses before taking other 400-level courses.

Degree requirements include 24 core hours and 12 elective hours totaling 36 hours in the major and 120 credits overall.

Required Core Courses (9 as part of general education) 24
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Public Service Management
Leadership and Management of Public Organizations
Public Policy for Managers
Research Methods and Management
Public Administration Senior Capstone
Introduction to the American Political System
Applied Statistics
Contemporary Statistics
Public Administration Management of Public Policy Track Electives 12
State and Local Community Development
ECCE: The Changing American Family and Public Policy
Contemporary Issues in Policy
Government Regulations and Administrative Law
Diversity and Policy
Introduction to International Relations
Illinois Government and Politics
Terrorism and Public Policy