Integrated BPA-MPA

Integrated BPA/MPA in Public Administration

This curriculum is designed to reduce time to completion of a master’s degree for undergraduates who wish to prepare for a career in public administration. It is an integrated program that makes it possible for a student majoring in public administration to complete course work that can be applied to the master’s degree, thus reducing their time to completion.

For students in the Integrated BPA/MPA program, all MPA program prerequisites will have been met as a part of meeting the requirements of the BPA program, and PAD 501 will be waived given that the students will already have experienced an introduction to the profession through the acquisition of the BPA. BPA students can also take up to six hours of 400 level elective credit that will be applied to the MPA. Thus, the integrated BPA/MPA student would complete at least 24 post-baccalaureate hours depending on how many 400 level electives are taken, including the following:

PAD 502 Organization Dynamics 3
PAD 503 Analytical Tools 3
PAD 504 Budget And Finance 3
PAD 505 Human Resource Management 3
PAD 506 Public Policy for Managers 3
PAD 507 Information for Decision Making 3
PAD 571 Capstone Seminar 3
Electives (up to four hours can be internship) 1 12