Undergraduate Programs

Departmental Goals and Objectives

Public Administration is a field of study that prepares students to serve as managers in local, state, and federal government as well as the nonprofit sector. This interdisciplinary field applies the theories and methods of the social sciences to solve problems of governance and public service. Areas of study include the principles of public administration, management, organization theory, public policy, public budgeting, financial management, law, ethics and social science research methods.

The UIS Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration degree program is designed to prepare students to advance the public interest and civic engagement. Students are prepared through an integration of theory and practice. The program seeks to capitalize on the University’s location in the state capitol, and traditional focus on Public Affairs. The program features opportunities for practical learning through access to state government and historical sites, faculty with experience in government, and internship experiences which are coordinated through the Internship and Prior Learning Program. In addition to required core courses, the program provides students an opportunity to specialize in tracks that are of particular interest to individual students given their career goals including Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy, State and Local Government Management, and Management of Public Policy.


Management of Public Policy
Nonprofit Management
State and Local Government
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