Preparing for Graduation


  • Students should regularly check their progress and determine if there are any problems. You can do this by accessing the Degree Audit System for students.
  • To begin the graduation application, go to the Degree Audit System for students. This site should produce a report on progress and tell you what classes you have had and what you need in order to graduate. Contact your academic advisor if you have questions or see problems here.
  • Do the online graduation form. This can be found on the student self-service site that you use to register for classes. In that process at that site you will be asked to open and fill out the Graduation Application Signature Form. You can fill in this form on your computer. Use the “Major or Certficate 1” field to select the MPA if you are receiving the MPA degree. Use the “Major or Certificate 2” field to select either the Nonprofit Certificate or the Labor Relations Certificate.
  • When you have filled in this form, you can use the Adobe Reader menu to either print the form and send the Graduation Application Signature Form to your PA advisor or you can use the email selection in Adobe Reader to send the form by email to your advisor. (Alternatively, you can save the form to your disk and attach it to an email to your advisor.)
  • When your advisor receives the form, he or she will review your degree status using the same Degree Audit System system you used to check for any problems. The advisor will then contact you if there are issues or sign and send the form to the registrar.

It should be noted here that if you decide to go for a certificate that you must, at some point in your academic career and before graduation, fill out a change of curriculum. To do this, you go to the Admissions site and fill out the form. You should choose Public Administration for your first major and then for your second you will select either Certificate of Nonprofit Management, Labor Relations, Community Planning, or Public Procurement Management. You may also select from affiliated certificate programs in Geographic Information Systems, Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security, or Human Resource Management.


Career Planning

Although not required for graduation, if you are a pre-service student, you should make an appointment with the UIS Career Services Center. This office can provide useful guidance on resume development and interviewing techniques. It also provides regular employment opportunity updates and schedules on-campus interviews.  Career Services can set up and maintain a placement file for you that includes your resume, transcript copies, and three letters of recommendation.  For other employment assistance, check out the MPA job bulletin board and the MPA Web site.

If you are a mid-career major who intends to use the MPA degree to launch a career change or geographic move, you should also consider seeking the services of the UIS Career Services Center.