Sean McCandless

Sean McCandless works as an Assistant Professor of Public Administration in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Illinois Springfield. He joined the Department in Fall 2018 after having completed a post-doctorate and PhD in Public Affairs from the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver. He also holds an MA in Political Science and BAs in History, Political Science, and Psychology.

Sean’s research, teaching, and service focus on how accountability for social equity is achieved in public service agencies, or how public services become fairer in terms of access, outcomes, processes, and quality. His research resides at the intersections of law (especially constitutional and state law), public management, and politics. He is published in Public Administration Review (PAR), the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE), Public Integrity (PI), Administrative Theory & Praxis (ATP), and several edited volumes. With Dr. Mary E. Guy, he is co-editor of the bookAchieving Social Equity: From Problems to Solutions. Sean frequently serves as an expert witness in asylum cases.

Sean values being involved in the discipline. He is affiliate faculty specializing in equity analysis with the Research Institute for Social Equity (RISE) at the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. He also serves on the editorial boards of ATP (Associate Editor), JPAE (Case Study Editor), PAR (Digital and social media editor), and PI (Social media editor), and reviews for several other journals. He presently serves as chair of ASPA’s Section on Democracy and Social Justice, previously served as Board Member of the Public Administration Theory Network, He was an ASPA Founders’ Fellow (2016 and 2017) and ASPA International Young Scholar (2017).

Sean is willing to bet that he is the biggest Star Trek fan currently in the public administration discipline.


Sean McCandless CV

Contact Info:

Office: PAC 422

Phone: (217)-206-8347


Recent Publications:

  • (Forthcoming). Berry-James, R., Blessett, B., Emas, R., McCandless, S.A., Nickels, A., Norman-Major, K., & Vinzant, P.  Stepping up to the plate: Making social equity a priority in public administration’s troubled times. Journal of Public Affairs Education.
  • (Forthcoming). McCandless, S.A., & Elias, N. Taking stock of Bostock: Implications for theory and praxis. Administrative Theory & Praxis.
  • (Forthcoming) McCandless, S.A., & Zavattaro, S. Editors’ introduction: Since last we spoke…Administrative Theory & Praxis.
  • (Forthcoming) McCandless, S.A., & Volger, G.M. “Habermasville”: Policy-community intersections and communicative rationality. Administration Theory & Praxis.
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