Adam Williams

Williams - croppedAdam M. Williams is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Public Administration Department at the University of Illinois Springfield. He earned a PhD in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University and spent two years as an Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University prior to joining UIS. He also holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Alabama and BA in Political Science from Franklin College (Franklin, IN).

Adam’s research interests include, but are not limited to: public procurement, public sector budgeting and financial management, human resource management, theories of public organizations, efforts in sustainability, and public affairs education. Along with research interests, Adam served as a reviewer for a number of journals including Public Administration Review, Journal of Public Procurement, Journal of Public Affairs Education, and others. More publications and information on his scholarly work is available through his ORCID and ResearchGate.

In Georgia, Adam worked closely with local officials to incorporate applied teaching techniques into his graduate seminars. His teaching interests include Human Resources, Research Methods and Public Finance. When Adam has free time, he enjoys athletics and is a certified intercollegiate soccer referee.

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Phone: 217-206-7394

Office: PAC 421

Recent Publications:

  • (Forthcoming). Perceived programmatic and institutional fit for faculty in public administration, policy, and affairs: An empirical study. Journal of Public Affairs Education. Available here.
  • (Forthcoming).  Blankenberger, B. & Williams, A. M. COVID and the impact on higher education: The essential role of integrity and accountability, Administrative Theory & Praxis. Available here.
  • (2020) Slagle, D. R. & Williams, A. M., Eds. Public affairs practicum. San Diego, CA: Birkdale Publishers. Available here.
  • (2020). Williams, A. M., Slagle, D. R., & Wilson, D. E. Scholars’ influence on their institutions: Reputation, prestige, & rankings. Teaching Public Administration38(3), 233-256. Available here.
  • (2020) Morcul, G., Slagle, D. R., Tantardini, M., & Williams, A. M. Public Administration and Public Policy research output, 2000-2015. Teaching Public Administration, 38(3), 313-332. Available here.
  • (2020) Williams, A. M. & Bland, J. T. Drivers of social engagement: Investigating the employee voice-advice sharing relationship. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 40(4), 669-690. Available here.
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  • (2018) Slagle, D. R. & Williams, A. M. Redefining the boundaries of Public Administration. Teaching Public Administration, 36(3), 259-275. Available here.
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