The Bachelor’s Degree


Students will be assigned an initial faculty advisor when they declare Public Administration as their major field of study. The course of study is planned jointly with the academic advisor. Students should consult with their advisors before registration and at times during the semester.

The program seeks to make use of the University’s location in the state capital, and its traditional focus on Public Affairs. The program features opportunities for practical learning through access to state government and historical sites, faculty with experience in government, and applied study experiences such as internships.  For students without professional experience, it is highly recommended that they participate in an internship or other applied study experience. Public Administration internship experiences are coordinated through the Internship and Prior Learning Program. Students apply up to six hours of credit for up to two courses in individual field experience through IPL 300, or individual project IPL 301. The Internship course can count as one of the elective courses in any area of focus.

Grading Policy

The department has no grading policy different from that used by the UIS campus.

Writing Competence

Faculty may identify writing deficiencies during courses and refer students to the Learning Hub.

AAS/ BA in Public Administration transfer completion degree program

The AAS/BA in Public Administration completion option seeks to offer students with Associate of Applied Science degrees in career and technical fields the opportunity to attain a baccalaureate degree that will enable them to capitalize on their specialized field while preparing them for management and supervisory positions in public service and nonprofit organizations. The program employs the reverse funnel stackable credential approach in which AAS degree holders complete their general education requirements after transfer to the baccalaureate granting institution. Typically, a student who has earned an AAS degree has earned 15 hours of general education credit and will then complete their remaining general education courses at UIS. Upon transfer into the Public Administration program, the student with a 60+ semester hour AAS degree from an accredited institution would need to complete at least 60 hours at UIS for the BA in Public Administration. Of these 60, the remaining general education credits needed to complete their general education requirements would include nine credits (ECO 201, MAT 121 (or MAT 122), and PSC 201 (or LES 201)) that would also satisfy part of the Public Administration program core. Thus, after transfer, most AAS degree holders would complete 60 hours at UIS, 27 of which would typically be general education hours with nine overlapping in the public administration core, leaving 27 more public administration courses and six electives to complete the degree. ECCE hours also need to be included in this total (10 more hours).