Public Sector Labor Relations

This certificate is available on campus.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Labor Relations is intended for professionals in the field of public sector labor relations, for individuals in the field of public sector human resource management who wish to upgrade their skills in labor relations, for individuals interested in pursuing union leadership roles, or for those who are beginning their careers and wish to prepare for a career working in or with public sector labor relations.

Individuals may take these courses and earn the certificate part time without being formally enrolled in any degree program, or may complete it as part of a graduate degree program.

A grade of B- or better must be earned in each of the following classes to qualify for the certificate.

The certificate in public sector labor relations includes the following courses:

Required Courses
PAD 485 Administrative Law and Management 3
PAD 509 Workplace Democracy 3
or PAD 535 Public Administration Diversity
PAD 511 Collective Bargaining 3
PAD 568 Labor Arbitration and Dispute Resolution 3
Total Hours 12