About the Department

Department of Public Administration Mission

Changing Policy, Changing Lives

Our MPA Program is our oldest academic program.  The MPA program strives to advance the public interest and civic engagement. We educate current and future governmental and nonprofit public service professionals through the innovative integration of disciplinary knowledge and skills with practice.  Our location in the state capital provides access to a diverse networked community of public affairs scholars, practitioners, and students.

The development of our graduate certificate programs and our new undergraduate degree in public administration represent growth as we have seen the need to provide new public service education options.

Illinois State CapitolWe take seriously our role in producing many of Illinois’ next generation of public servants. With our online program we have become more diverse and now contribute more to public service in many contexts nationally.

We engage students in research that seeks to improve government and public service. While teaching a skill set that includes budget and finance, organizational behavior, human resource management, quantitative and statistical analysis, policy analysis, and program evaluation, our program stresses ethical behavior and an appreciation for the basic values and processes of the American democracy.

Students come first in the MPA. Faculty advisers meet with students to choose the best classes to obtain the degree and to meet individual educational goals from the beginning semester. Staff is always willing to assist students in navigating the institution from initial registration to graduation.

The MPA, undergraduate program and certificate programs are offered by the faculty of our department.  The Department of Public Administration is located in the College of Public Affairs and Administration.

How Are We Doing?

Graduation Rate

Most of our students complete the MPA degree within two to two and one half years.  The table below reflects our graduation rates within the time frames indicated using the time frame employed by NASPAA.  Note that part time students may take longer to complete the degree.

Cumulative Graduation Rate

Initially Enrolled Students (AY 2011-12) Graduated in 2 Years Graduated in 3 Years Graduated in 4 Years
119 78 92 96

Learning Outcomes

Our program utilizes an ongoing assessment of student learning process to meet NASPAA accreditation standards.

Students, Grads, Faculty at PA Conference
Students, Grads, Faculty at PA Conference