What Psychology Students Learn

Ten skills that any employer will appreciate!

The skills psychology students learn during their schooling can be utilized in the typical human services and mental health fields.  They can also be transferred to many other fields; management, human resources, healthcare, sales, and even law.   Potential employers may not recognize the natural match psychology majors can make with their organization.  It is important for the psychology graduate to make connections between their major and qualities sought by employers.

1 – Have interpersonal skills
2 – Engage in critical thinking
3 – Apply theory and research in other settings
4 – Respect and appreciate research
5 – Consider ethics when making decisions
6 – Understand and appreciate diversity
7 – Write well
8 – Show capacity for professional development
9 – Are civic-minded
10 – Attention to detail & time management

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Slattery, J. M., & Forden, C. L. (2014).  What psychology students learn: 10 skills that any employer will appreciate.  Eye on PSI CHI, 19(1), 10-13.