Research Opportunities

Conducting Research

Faculty members of the UIS Department of Psychology are expected to be active scholars and mentor undergraduates in the generation of new scientific knowledge by means of scholarship. In an attempt to facilitate such scholarship the Department has established a participant pool of available research participants. All faculty and students who wish to have access to the Department’s Participant Pool are required to follow the Procedures for accessing Psychology department participant pool.

The Psychology Department provides a variety of research participation opportunities for psychology students, including participating in or assisting with faculty research and conducting individual student research projects. Students who are interested in conducting research should contact a faculty member with whom they share research interests.

Psychology majors may gain valuable research experience and earn academic credit by assisting with faculty research (e.g., by helping to collect, score, or analyze data) or by electing to conduct an independent study project under the supervision of a faculty member. Some of our psychology majors have presented their project research at regional professional conferences.

Participating in Research

Fulfill Course Requirements

Students who are enrolled in PSY 201: Principles of Psychology or PSY 302: Research Methods in Psychology are required to participate in research or complete an alternative assignment (approved by the instructor). Please refer to our departmental policies regarding participating in research as a course requirement for more information.

Receive Extra Credit

During some semesters, students in Psychology courses may volunteer for and participate in approved research projects in order to receive course-related extra credit points (at the instructor’s discretion). Please refer to our departmental policies regarding participating in research for extra credit for more information.