Major in Psychology

Total hours: To earn a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology students must complete a minimum of 36 upper-division hours in Psychology, at least 16 of which must be upper-division course work taken at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Required hours: Eight of these hours must be PSY 302 Research Methods in Psychology (or its equivalent) and PSY 471 Senior Seminar. Students must also complete the non-credit PSY 301 Orientation and Assessment during their first semester of enrollment as Psychology majors.

Concentrations: Beyond these core courses, our curriculum has been designed to accommodate students’ varying interests and career goals by providing several course concentration options. These concentration options reflect some of the most popular areas of emphasis within psychology and allow students to further develop knowledge and skills with specific personal and career goals in mind.

In consultation with their academic advisers and based on individual educational goals, students may select any one of the following possible concentration areas within the undergraduate major:

  • Clinical/counseling psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Individualized course plan

To see the coursework necessary to complete the concentrations, refer to the concentration planning forms.

The Psychology Program also encourages majors to pursue electives outside psychology as part of a broad liberal arts education. Psychology majors may use general electives as the foundation for a minor in programs such as criminal justice, communications, or women’s studies.

Beginning in the fall of 2009, psychology majors and minors must earn a C or better in all psychology courses to use them for completion of degree requirements. If your first term of enrollment at UIS was prior to fall 2009, you are not subject to this requirement. This requirement is triggered by your enrollment at UIS, not your declaration of major, or any other event. Please note: a C- is lower than a C. Please note: A grade of C or better is neccessary in all pre-requisite courses. Students who do not earn a C or better in all neccessary pre-requisites for advanced couses will not be given departmental approval for those advanced courses.

Psychology majors who complete CRJ 345: Research Methods in Criminal Justice with a grade of C or better may use that course to waive the PSY 302: Research Methods in Psychology requirement of the major. This waiver does not reduce the number of hours needed for the Psychology major. Students are still required to complete 36 hours of upper-level coursework.

Finally, applied study term placements allow students to integrate classroom learning and practical field experience, as well as to gain experiences that may be useful in later decisions about employment or training.