Course List

The following courses are normally taught at least once every two years. Only 300- and 400-level courses can be used to meet the 36 credit hours needed in Psychology to earn the BA degree.

Course Areas

Introductory and Fundamental Tools Courses

PSY 201 Principles of Psychology
PSY 301 Orientation and Entrance Assessment (0 Hrs)
PSY 302 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 303 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSY 458 Psychological Tests and Measurements

Biological Basis for Behavior

PSY 212 Brain and Emotion
PSY 315 Psychoactive Drugs (W)
PSY 412 Introduction to Biopsychology

Experimental, Cognition, and Perception Courses

PSY 214 Psychological Perception of Art
PSY 311 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 314 Sensation and Perception
PSY 413 Psychology of Learning and Memory (W)
PSY 416 Psychology of Motivation
PSY 417 Perceptual Learning

Developmental & Educational Psychology Courses

PSY 321 Life-Span Developmental Psychology (W)
PSY 322 Child Development (W)
PSY 323 Adolescence
PSY 324 Exceptional Child (W)
PSY 326 Family Psychology (W)
PSY 327 Educational Psychology (W)

Sociocultural Psychology Courses

PSY 331 Social Psychology
PSY 332 Sport Psychology
PSY 338 Psychological Aspects of Diversity (W)
PSY 339 Psychology of Gender
PSY 433 Political Psychology

Clinical/Counseling Psychology Courses

PSY 241 Multicultural Psychology
PSY 351 Abnormal Psychology (W)
PSY 352 Multicultural Counseling
PSY 441 Theories of Personality (W)
PSY 452 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (W)
PSY 453 Psychological Foundations for Helping
PSY 454 Theories of Psychotherapy
PSY 457 Behavior Modification: Principles and Techniques
PSY 466 Working with Victims of Sexual Assault/Abuse (3 Hrs)

Independent Study, & Capstone Courses

PSY 310 Special Topics in Experimental Psychology
PSY 410 Advanced Topics in Psychology
PSY 450 Advanced Topics in Clinical/Counseling Psychology
PSY 467 Specialized Applied Study Seminar (1 to 2 Hrs)
PSY 471 Senior Seminar
PSY 480 Senior Research Project
PSY 490 Independent Study in Psychology (2 to 4 Hrs)

All 300-level courses have PSY 201 Principles of Psychology (or equivalent) as a pre-requisite. All 400-level courses have PSY 302 Research Methods in Psychology (or equivalent) as a pre-requisite. Some 400-level courses have additional pre-requisites (see official Course Descriptions)

All 200-level courses are 3 credit hours and all 300- and 400-level courses are 4 credit hours except where noted.

At least two of the psychology courses in addition to PSY 302 Research Methods in Psychology must include formal writing assignments; such coursesĀ are identified by a “W” following the course number and title. Students must save their graded writing assignments from these courses for later use in PSY 471 Senior Seminar.