Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Advising and Course Registration

Do I have to make an appointment in order to meet with the department’s professional academic advisor?

It is strongly advised that you make an advance appointment with the your academic advisor, by phone or e-mail, so that the advisor can review your file and be better prepared to help you. Contact information for the department’s professional academic advisor is in the Contact Us section.

What if I would like to change faculty advisors? Can I choose a new faculty advisor?

Students who wish to be re-assigned to a particular faculty member must notify the Department’s Office Support Specialist.

Students who request a particular faculty member must obtain his or her approval before the request can be granted. Occasionally, the faculty advisor a student requests is already carrying a full load of advisees and can’t accommodate an additional student. Under such circumstances, students will be assigned to another available adviser within the department.

How can I register for an overload?

The departmental policy is to consider granting overloads for students who have an institutional GPA of 3.3 or higher. Meeting this GPA requirement does not mean that your request will automatically be approved at the departmental level, but it does mean that if you do not meet this requirement your request will be denied. You should meet with the Department’s professional academic advisor to discuss your overload. Summer overloads will not be granted, regardless of GPA.