2014 Psychology Award Winners

In May 2014, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences hosted the tenth annual reception for its graduating seniors. Students and faculty were able to share stories and say good-bye one final time before the graduation ceremony. Various departments also gave out awards to their outstanding graduates. In the Psychology Department, the following awards were given to our graduating seniors:

From left to right:  Brandi Coy, Brittany Sievers, and Brianna Werner.

2014 Award Winners

Brianna Werner was selected as the Graduation Marshal. The marshal is the student who “best exemplifies the spirit and goals of the program,” and leads their classmates in the procession at graduation. Brianna was selected based on her academic success, research experience, and involvement in Psi Chi and Psychology Club.

Brittany Sievers received the Outstanding Student Scholar award. Brittany was chosen based on his overall academic achievement, but especially for her extensive involvement in psychology research with Dr. Frances Shen.

Brandi Coy received the Outstanding Service to the Department award. Brandi was chosen based on her overall academic achievement, but especially for her service as the department student representative and as a member of the faculty search committee.