2006 Psychology Award Winners

In May 2006, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences hosted the second annual reception for its graduating seniors. Students and faculty were able to share stories and say good-bye one final time before the graduation ceremony. Various departments also gave out awards to their outstanding graduates. In the Psychology Department, the following awards were given to our graduating seniors:

2006 Psychology Award Winners

Holly Cunningham was nominated to be the Psychology Department Student Marshal at the 2006 graduation ceremony. This honor is given to a graduating senior who best exemplifies the goals and spirit of the department. At the graduation ceremony the student marshal leads the other psychology graduates through the procession and the presentation of their diplomas.

Tammy Herschberger and Jason Scott received the Outstanding Psychology Student ScholarĀ  award for their academic performance and work as research assistants in Dr. Keith Burton’s lab.

Kelsey Dennis and Jill Turner received the Outstanding Service to the Psychology Department award for their work as the Department Student Representatives and being active members of Psi Chi.

Marco Coelho (not pictured), Tim Mattson, Gloria Plummer (not pictured), and Robert Swaner received the Outstanding Psychology Senior Seminar Portfolio award for creating exceptional portfolios in the Senior Seminar capstone course.

Carissa Aho (not pictured) and Justin Powell received the Outstanding Psychology Student Applied Experience award for their AST projects. Carissa’s placement was at the Child Advocacy Center in Bloomington and Justin’s placement was at the SIU Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorder study.