Roles of faculty and the professional advisor

What is a professional advisor?

As the professional advisor for Psychology, Ms. Vansacik will be one of the first points of contact for any questions you may have regarding the Psychology program at UIS. You will work with her regarding class choices and registration, analysis of your degree audits, selecting your concentration, and other important functions. She can also assist with referrals to other offices and resources (e.g., The Learning Hub or the Career Development Center).

Ms. Vansacik’s contact information can be found here.

What do I see my faculty advisor about and what do I see the professional advisor about?

Professional advisor duties:

  • Course scheduling (e.g., planning courses to take for upcoming semesters)
  • Petitions (e.g., waiving a required course or request for upper-division credit)
  • Progress toward degree (e.g., confirming that you have met all requirements for graduation)
  • Appeals (e.g., completing an Appeal of Academic Suspension form)

Faculty advising duties:

  • Graduate school counseling (e.g., choosing the right graduate degree and program, the application process, etc.)
  • Career counseling (e.g., what job opportunities are there post-BA?)
  • Internship possibilities (e.g., should I do an internship? What internships are available?)