About the UIS Psychology Department

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Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.

Why major in Psychology?

Ideally, a major in psychology provides students with the fundamental liberal arts perspective and basic psychological understandings appropriate for many entry-level positions in business, government, industry, and education.

Nearly half of psychology majors go on to earn advanced degrees and become researchers, clinical psychologists, counselors, case managers, administrators, grant coordinators, probation officers, and more.

Learn more about career options for psychology majors by downloading this document.

Why UIS Psychology?

The goal of the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Springfield is to help students become familiar with the theoretical and research perspectives typical of most social sciences, while also allowing them to study topics of individual interest and value.

  • Students have the opportunity to work with faculy members on ongoing research projects or propose and conduct their own research.
  • The large multipurpose psychology laboratory (UHB 3118) is equipped with a variety of instruments to help students understand how experimental studies are conducted in the fields of memory, perception, learning, and other major areas.
  • The Psychology Department also contains several small lab rooms for research purposes (UHB 3125, 3127, 3129).
  • The Psychology Department has a computer lab (UHB 3116) that houses 20 computer stations specifically for psychology student use in conjunction with supervised lab exercises and course-related assignments.
  • The Psychology Department has an observation suite with 1-way mirrors and video recording capabilities.