Project Midstate Student Support for Teaching

Homegrown, Hometown Teachers...That's the idea behind the University of Illinois Springfield's Project Midstate Student Support.

Welcome to Project Midstate Student Support for Teaching (MSS)!



Project MidState Student Support for Teaching (MSS) Program is a partnership with select central Illinois school districts that recruits diverse students and/or students who are the first in their families to go to college.  MSS recruits students at the senior year of high school and offers them a unique support system characterized by special opportunities to interact with local communities and students.  In return, graduates agree to teach in those local schools for at least two years.


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Name Change Information

MSS is currently collaborating with Teacher Education Program (TEP) faculty and staff, and other campus staff to come up with a new name for the MSS initiative. There is not a specified date for the name change at this time. Feel free to keep checking on our webpage for more information!