Pre-Medical Minor


Students are expected to meet with a pre-professional health science advisor before beginning the minor. At that meeting, the student and advisor will prepare a course plan to ensure that all requirements will be met. Advising will also help students focus their career goals, identify admissions requirements to post-graduate programs that are not satisfied by the pre-med minor and navigating the process of applying to post-graduate health science programs.

Grading Policy

There is no minimum GPA requirement for this minor. However most post-graduate professional health science programs have stringent minimum GPA requirements that students must meet in order to earn admission.

To earn a Pre-Medical minor, students must complete 36 credit hours. Students are expected to meet with a preprofessional health sciences advisor before beginning the minor.

Required Courses
ASP 201 University Physics I 4
ASP 202 University Physics II 4
BIO 141 General Biology I 4
BIO 142 General Biology II 4
CHE 141 General Chemistry I 4
CHE 142 General Chemistry II 4
CHE 267 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHE 268 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1
CHE 269 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 271 Organic Chemistry II Lab 1
MAT 115 Calculus I 4
Total Hours 36

Students are permitted to count any of the required courses for the minor simultaneously for any other graduation requirement. For example a student may use BIO 141 and CHE 141 to satisfy their lower-division general education science requirement. Or MAT 115 could be used for a general education math requirement or toward a requirement in the student’s major, in addition to counting toward the Pre-Medical minor.

Any course that meets the Illinois Articulation Initiative standards for the above courses may be transferred to count for this minor by a Student Petition. A minimum of 12 credit hours in this minor must be completed at UIS. Students should also be aware that some of the most selective post-graduate programs require their applicants to take these courses at accredited four-year colleges or universities.

The courses in this minor represent the intersection of the minimum requirements for admission to most medical schools. Individual professional schools may have additional requirements that are not met by this minor. Students are advised to take courses beyond the minor requirements to prepare for entrance exams such as the MCAT and DCAT. It is critical that students pursuing a Pre-Medical minor regularly meet with their advisor to help ensure that in addition to completing the minor, they are informed about additional courses that are recommended to prepare them for admission to the post-graduate professional health science program of their choice.