Undergraduate Overview

Undergraduate Minor

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Goals and Objectives

This minor is only open to students who are NOT majoring in chemistry, biology, or medical lab science. Students in those majors should consult the pre-medical concentrations for those majors.

The goal of the pre-medical minor curriculum offered by the Natural Sciences Division is to prepare undergraduate students for professional program in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, ophthalmology, veterinary medicine and other careers in the health-sciences. Students who want to pursue a career in a medicine must specially prepare themselves for admission to a graduate program in their area of interest. To pursue this goal they do not need to pursue a science oriented degree. However they must develop a strong background in science and math. The purpose of this minor is to provide the minimum background that a non-science major must have to complete a successful application to medical, pharmacy, veterinary, and dental school as well as professional programs in other health sciences.