Why Choose UIS for Your Professional Health Science Education?

A major advantage of UIS is the close relationship of faculty to students, and the consequent opportunity for personal advising as a student seeks admission to professional school. A large number of myths and rumors often overwhelm and mislead students into deciding not to pursue advanced degrees, and an informed advisor can help the student past these unfortunate distractions.

At UIS we have also cultivated a relationship with the Illinois RMed Program which is designed to improve access to healthcare in central and southern Illinois. Several of our students have gone to the UIUC Medical School as participants in the RMed Program.

Irrespective of their major, students considering professional school are strongly advised to contact a Pre-Professional Health Science advisor as early as possible after enrolling at UIS. This will ensure that they take the needed courses in the appropriate sequence and learn, early on, about other important activities that improve chances of admission to a professional school, even if the student elects not to major in science.