About the Pre-Law Center

 “The Pre-Law Center (PLC) serves as a physical presence on the UIS campus as an informational and advising resource for those who are considering law school, a career in law, or a law-related field.” 

The PLC provides counseling and assistance to students contemplating applying to law school related to:

  • Applying to law school;
  • Drafting personal statements;
  • LSAT preparation.

The PLC also provides general educational program recommendations and individual counseling for students to ensure that they take the appropriate kinds of preparatory courses to get the necessary background that will better ensure their academic success.

The UIS Pre-Law Center is housed in the College of Public Affairs and Administration, which is at the forefront of the campus’ mission of public affairs, service, and engagement.  The College takes full advantage of UIS’ proximity to the state capital of Illinois, the headquarters of state agencies and non-profit organizations, the Illinois state court system, the Illinois State Library, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.

The college is also home to the Illinois Innocence Project, the only undergraduate Innocence Project in the U.S. Through the Project, students provide assistance in cases where there is a strong likelihood that a convicted person is innocent, and also work to prevent the conviction of innocent persons in the future.