Career Planning

The real question is what you want to do with your life? Your answers to that question are always provisional, of course; but they are always worth talking about, too. Talk over your thought on the subject with your adviser and your friends. Everybody knows something about it, and almost nobody is shy about telling.

A recent survey of PSC undergrads gives some sense of the possibilities. More than a quarter of those who received their B.A.ís decided to continue studying for their M.A.’s, J.D.’s, or some other advanced degree. Another 25 percent are engaged in government work, either at the state or local level. Another group work as lobbyists or legislative liaisons (about 15 percent). About 6 percent are teaching at the secondary level. The remaining respondents are a diverse lot-occupations range from raising children to working retail.

The Office of Career Services and Placement

This office, located in the Student Affairs Building, offers very useful information on employment trends and types of occupations. During the year, career services sponsors workshops on career exploration, identification of skills and values, and techniques for effective self-marketing. Individual career counseling and occupational testing are also available. Placement services include posted job listings, on-campus interviews with employers, and job leads for networking. The office also has information about professional and graduate schools.

Graduate and Professional School Information

Start by talking with your political science adviser. If you are thinking about graduate work in political science or going to law school, talk to as many of the political science faculty as you can. Each one knows the good departments in his or her special field, and each has a set of contacts which might serve you well.

Flyers advertising graduate programs in political science, announcements of graduate scholarships and fellowships, notices of internships: all these are posted on the political science bulletin board. There are also files of information on political science graduate programs in the political science office. Information on the Graduate Record Examinations is available from the political science office, career services, and the vice chancellor for student affairs.