Awards, Honors and Scholarships

A number of awards are bestowed by the political science department each year on undergraduate students who have done exceptional work.

  • Department Honors in Political Science – Political Science Bachelor’s Degree students with at least 15 completed hours in Political Science courses with a minimum 3.50 GPA in those courses may apply to the Department’s Honors Program.  To be considered for the Department’s Honors Program, students must email the Application for Honors Form (PDF)to the Chair of the Political Science Department by the end of the fall semester preceding their senior seminar.  To graduate with Department Honors in Political Science, an undergraduate student must successfully complete an independent research project in PSC 486 Honors Closing Seminar.  Students are also able to take a graduate-level course in Political Science as an elective.  (Please be aware that any graduate-level course counted toward credit in a student’s undergraduate degree cannot later be counted toward a graduate degree.)
  • Political Science Marshal – Honors the outstanding undergraduate student in the department. This student leads the B.A. candidates in political science at the graduation ceremony.
  • Dewey Award – Presented to the student whose internship experience is especially outstanding. Selection is made by the department faculty and is available to both graduates and undergraduates.
  • Robert C. Spencer prize – Awarded to the student for the quality of citizenship shown in department, university, and public affairs.
  • Baccalaureate Honors In Political Science – Presented to a B.A. candidate for outstanding scholarly achievement in political science.
  • Awards for Excellence in Political Science – Bestowed by the department upon students who perform well in any of a variety of academic and political pursuits.

The political science department also nominates its students for scholarships and other awards made by the University Scholarships and Awards Committee. Political science majors have been named UIS’ Lincoln Laureate and member of the Governor’s Lincoln Academy. Students in the department have also won a wide assortment of private scholarships including the William Chamberlain Scholarship, the Craddock Scholarship, and Alumni Association Scholarships.

Students are also nominated by the department for such honors as Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, the National Dean’s List, and the American Scholar Society. In addition, the political science department recommends qualified students for national honors, such as the Summer Institute for Black Political Scientists, sponsored by the American Political Science Association.

The Political Science Honors Banquet

Each year on the eve of commencement, PSC faculty and students gather to celebrate the graduation of their fellows and to honor the achievements of PSC students with awards and recognition. It is a pleasant, dressy occasion – especially nice for the families of the graduates, who can meet the faculty and students they have heard about. You will receive an invitation and reservation form in April. Please fill it out and return it promptly with your check, to the PSC Graduate Assistant by the date indicated. This will make planning the event a lot easier.