The Online Political Science Master’s Degree

Salam Awad at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem
Read about Salam Awad’s experience in the Online Political Science Master’s Degree Program at UIS…

Our Online Political Science Master’s Degree is designed to meet the needs of students from diverse academic backgrounds, and allows students to tailor their course of study to their individual research interests and professional aspirations.  The department is particularly well organized for students who want to pursue careers in politics, but also for those who are preparing to teach and for those who aspire to an advanced degree in political science or law.  Students in the Online Political Science Master’s Degree Program have the option of choosing an area of emphasis in American National and State Politics, Comparative Politics / International Relations, Political Theory, and Public Law.


Picture of Natalie Forman
Natalie Forman is a high school teacher in Ohio and pursuing her Political Science Master’s Degree at UIS. Read more about her experience in our online program…

Excellence Online

The University of Illinois at Springfield is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and we have received numerous awards for excellence in online education.  In the Political Science Department we provide our online students with the same dynamic learning experience as our on-campus students.   Students in our online program are taught by the same tenure track faculty members who teach in our on-campus program.  Students in our online program are also able to complete all of their coursework 100% online, without ever having to step foot on-campus.  Additionally, our online students are supported by both a faculty advisor and a program coordinator.  Read more about learning online with the UIS Political Science Department.



Photo of Kristin Cochran
Read more about graduate Kristin Cochran, who is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in political science at Arizona State University…

Both the online Political Science Master’s Degree program and the on-campus program are taught by the same professors and have identical curriculum requirements.  The only difference between our online program and our on-campus program is that students in our online Political Science Master’s Degree program complete all of their courses 100% onlineFor more information on our degree requirements, visit our curriculum page.


Students may apply to begin in either the fall, spring or summer semester.  Students should apply directly through the Office of Admissions.   Please view our application requirements here.


All students in online degree programs, even including non-Illinois residents, receive our special e-tuition rate.  For more detailed information on our e-tuition, please visit our tuition page.

Joe Darter at the 2016 UIS commencement ceremony.
Read about Joe Darter’s experience in the Online Political Science Master’s Degree Program at UIS…

Talk with our program coordinator about whether our online degree is right for you, by contacting Rebekah Grosboll at or (217) 206-8545.