Dr. Magic Wade

Dr. Magic Wade
(photo credit: Becky Ponder)

Assistant Professor of Political Studies
Email: mwade7@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-6523
Office: PAC 370

Dr. Magic Wade’s research and teaching evaluate the effectiveness of government policies aimed at alleviating social problems related to human welfare, public health, criminal justice, and economic inequality.  Dr. Wade is particularly interested in comparing various national, state and local governmental approaches to relieving indigence, reducing crime and recidivisim, enhancing human dignity, and promoting social cohesion.  She argues that policymakers can learn from each other’s successes and failures, both within the US and worldwide, to craft government programs that reduce the long-run costs of treating the symptoms of social problems through mass incarceration, government surveillance, and state-sanctioned violence.

Dr. Wade holds a Ph.D in Political Science from the University of Minnesota and has previously worked as a lecturer at Western Washington University where she taught courses on state government, comparative politics, and religion and public policy.  At UIS, Dr. Wade teaches courses in the political science BA and MA programs, and the public policy BA program.