Undergraduate Overview

Bachelor of Arts
ntegrated B.A./M.A.
Undergraduate Minor

Email: pos@uis.edu
Office Phone: (217) 206-6646
Office Location: PAC 350

Departmental Goals and Objectives

The State of Illinois has one of the nation’s more interesting political cultures. Located in Springfield, the hub of Illinois political activity, UIS is able to provide a laboratory for the study of government and politics, enriched with internship opportunities for practical experience.

UIS students get a rigorous academic program in a highly engaged Political Science, where practical politics brings theoretical studies to life. Political Science at UIS emphasizes the practical importance of theory and the academic importance of practice. Opportunities for experiential learning are available through a legislative internship program for undergraduate majors and through internships and assistantships for graduates. By focusing electives in particular areas of interest, students are able to develop research skills and acquire broad academic backgrounds reflecting the rich political resources readily available in the capital city.

Students are encouraged to participate in special activities related to their course of study. The Political Science Department is directly involved in Model Illinois Government and, with faculty and students in Global Studies, in Model United Nations. Students and faculty in Political Science also regularly attend and present their work at public forums and conferences.

The B.A. program can be taken fully on-campus or fully online, and on-campus students may use a blended approach of mixing on-campus and online course work.