Public Law Emphasis

Core Courses
PSC 501 Introduction to the Graduate Study of Politics 4
PSC 502 Methods Of Inquiry 4
PSC 590 Closure Exercise 4
Select one:
Comprehensive Examination
Participant/Observer Case Study
Emphasis Courses
Select 16 hours from the following: 16
Policy Analysis and Implementation
The Supreme Court and Judicial Politics
The American Constitution and Civil Liberties
Environmental Law
National Security Issues and the U.S. Constitution
Law and Inequality
Poverty, Law, and Justice
Religion, Politics, and Public Policy
Gender, Politics, and Public Policy
International Law and Organizations
Terrorism and Public Policy
The Law of Military Conflict
Seminar in Politics and Law
Seminar On Public Policy
Seminar in Courts and Policymaking
Law, Policy, and Administration
Additional PSC Electives 12
PSC 530 Graduate Internship in Political Science 1 1-8
Total Hours 40

A maximum of eight hours of internship can be applied toward the degree as elective hours.