Political Theory Emphasis

Core Courses
PSC 501 Introduction to the Graduate Study of Politics 4
PSC 502 Methods Of Inquiry 4
PSC 590 Closure Exercise 4
Select one:
Comprehensive Examination
Participant/Observer Case Study
Emphasis Courses
Select 16 hours from the following: 16
Democratization and the Public Sphere
ECCE: Democracy and Democratic Theory
Globalization and the Future of Democracy
Feminist Theories
ECCE: American Political Thought
Marxist Philosophy: Past, Present, Future
Postmodern Theory: Politics and Possibility
Queer Theory
Seminar in Political Philosophy
Feminist Theories II
Additional PSC Electives 12
PSC 530 Graduate Internship in Political Science 1 1-8
Total Hours 40

A maximum of eight hours of internship can be applied toward the degree as elective hours.