Updated: July 6, 2022

I. Policy Information

Policy Owner: Office of the Chancellor
Responsible Official: Chancellor’s Chief of Staff
Approved by: Chancellor
Original Date Approved: 8/16/21
Revision Date: 11/5/21

Revision Date: 4/5/22

Effective Date: Immediately
Targeted Review Date: 07/1/2023
Contact: covid19@uis.edu

II. Scope

This Policy applies to all guests on premises owned or controlled by the university or participating in university affiliated activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

III. Definitions

University guest: Defined as an individual not directly associated with the university (actively employed or an active student) who is visiting the UIS campus or any off-site UIS facility. There are two levels of guest interaction this policy provides guidance for:

  • Short-term guests: Defined as individuals who interact with the UIS community on a brief, non-reoccurring or event-based basis. This includes attendees for performances, speaker events and athletic competitions.
  • Long-term guests: Defined as individuals who will be interacting with the UIS community on an ongoing or regular basis. This includes individuals who are assigned to work on the UIS campus and/or who are interacting with UIS students, faculty and staff in a regular volunteer capacity (coaching, participating in theatre/music ensembles, etc.). See Statement of Policy for specific guidelines for Facilities & Services Consultants/Contractors working on premise for more than 2 hours per week.

Residence Life guests: The Department of Residence Life has specific guidelines for residential students.

IV. Purpose

This policy details the University of Illinois Springfield’s campus-specific expectations for guests as it relates to their interactions with UIS facilities and activities and use of rental spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

V. Statement of Policy

Long-term guests must comply with the vaccination policy for UIS employees.

All guests must comply with face-covering requirements as directed by the university, including event- and facility-specific requirements that may be posted or otherwise communicated to guests.

All guests should not attend university activities or be present on university premises if experiencing symptoms indicative of COVID-19.

UIS Facilities and Services consultants, contractors or employees of consultants and contractors who are assigned to work on UIS property for more than 2 hours at least once per week are required to have the initial series of the COVID-19 vaccine (two doses of two-dose MRNA vaccine or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine). In order to comply with this requirement, the University requires these consultants or contractors to provide a list of all persons assigned to work on University premises along with proof of vaccination or religious/medical exemption before starting work on university property. Individuals not included on this list are not allowed to work on University premises.  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination or religious or medical exemption for each assigned individual must be provided at least 24 hours prior to their arrival on premises to the UIS Campus Construction Unit: Facilities@uis.edu or hand delivered to the Director of Construction or delegate at One University Plaza, Business Services Building, Room 33, Springfield, IL.  Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination are:

a.  CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card or photograph of the card,

b.  Documentation of vaccine from a health care provider or electronic health care record, or

c.  State immunization record.

Acceptable proof of a religious or medical exemption is a letter signed by your company/firm’s president or owner that identifies the employee and states that an exemption has been granted. Anyone who is not vaccinated must follow university guidelines and mitigations for employees who are not vaccinated.

VI.  Procedures

  1. University-Hosted Events

Units planning to host events are responsible for guest compliance with UIS’ safety policies and guidelines. Guests unwilling to comply with the expectations must not be allowed to remain at the event.

Hosting units may reach out to the UIS COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (covid19@uis.edu) to seek permission for special protocols, as needed.

  • Short-term Space Rentals and Non-university Events

Use of university premises pursuant to a rental or licensing agreement must be in alignment with university requirements. The external entity is responsible for ensuring its guests comply with the requirements.

  • Long-term Space Rentals

External entities that have employees who are long-term guests on university property must ensure the employee is compliant with the University’s health and safety policies.

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