Disaster Program Reference

UIS Disaster Program Reference (PDF)

Biological and Chemical Threats

DisasterRecent events have raised concerns on the UIS campus regarding biological and chemical threats. The purpose of this site is to aid the campus community in answering these concerns. While we do not expect to have anything to worry about, we do think it would be prudent of us to have some policies established for handling suspicious mail. During this difficult time we should use a little more caution when sorting our mail – take a little extra time.  Anything that you feel is suspicious call the UNIVERSITY POLICE at 206-6690 immediately.  Pay attention not only to incoming mail, but outgoing mail as well. We need to protect our campus community first.

The University Police Department in conjunction with the FBI, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies, along with fire and health agencies, have developed and implemented a policy governing our response to a threat of a weapon of mass destruction. This policy is consistent throughout Sangamon County.

The following information has been obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Advisory Alert and is being distributed across the country by all law enforcement agencies to their respective communities.  Please read these guidelines, as they are the recommended procedures for handling such incidents.

When confronted with an unknown substance or a suspicious package

  • Cover the substance or package
  • Seal off the area to prevent the entry of others
  • Wash hands with soap and water AND
  • Call the UIS Police Department at 6-6690 immediately.

Additional information concerning Anthrax and other chemical threats.