How to Subscribe and Listen to a Podcast, Enhanced Podcast, and Vodcast

NOTE: You will need Apple iTunes installed on your computer to subscribe and listen to a podcast. Download iTunes – Free.


Subscribe and Listen to a Podcast or Enhanced Podcast

  1. From UIS on iTunes U, login to iTunes U.iTunes U Login
  2. For course podcasts, click on UIS Login on the left side of the page.
    • Enter your NetID and password. [You do not need to login for public access podcasts.]iTunes U will now launch on your computer and display the main page of UIS on iTunes U.
  1. Under the Courses section, click on the course you want to subscribe to. You will be presented with the main page for the course.
  2. Click on the Subscribe button. Your course podcast will be downloaded and stored in the Podcasts section in the LIBRARY [in the left panel].
  3. Click on Podcasts to view the course podcast.
    • To view the episode(s) of the podcast, click the small triangle to the left of the podcast title.
    • To listen to an episode, double-click on the name of the episode.
    • To download additional episodes, click on Get button button.

Once you have subscribed to a podcast, you do not have to login to access the subsequent episodes of the podcast. The new episode(s) will automatically appear [within iTunes] in the Podcasts section in the LIBRARY.


If you are listening or viewing an enhanced podcast or vodcast, be sure to open the artwork display area to view the images and clickable links. To do this –

1. On the bottom-left of iTunes, click on the Show or hide song artwork button [first button from the right].

Show artwork button

2. The artwork display area will now be visible.

iTunes artwork display area

3. The enhanced podcast or vodcast will appear in the artwork display area.

iTunes artwork display

4. An enhanced podcast can include chapter marks that allow you to access specific chapters. Click on the Chapters menu to display the chapters.



Update a Podcast, Enhanced Podcast, or Vodcast

1. Right-click [Windows] or control+click [Macintosh] on the podcast/vodcast title, which will display a contextual menu.

Update podcast menu

2. From the menu list that appears, select Update Podcast.

  • If the podcast/vodcast still does not update, use the following instructions to delete the podcast and resubscribe.


Delete a Podcast, Enhanced Podcast, or Vodcast

1. Click on the podcast/vodcast title you wish to delete and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

2. A dialog box appears requesting you to confirm the action. Choose Remove.

Podcast remove button

3. Another dialog box appears that provides you with three options:

  • Cancel – Cancels the delete process
  • Move to Recycle Bin – Removes the audio file to the Recycle Bin
  • Keep Files – Deletes the podcast but retains the audio file

iTunes dialog box