Podcasting Projects

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2009-2010

UIS in iTunes Store
(Image source: iTunes Store. Retrieved 08.25.2009)

On August 18, 2009, UIS was accepted by Apple for listing in the iTunes Store. Content that is publicly available and created by UIS students, faculty, and staff are now available to over 200 million iTunes users across the world. UIS is now listed alongside Berkeley, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, Yale, museums, and public media organizations. Read more about this story.

Within a week of UIS being in the iTunes Store, an UIS podcast, Writing for Public Relations, Dr. Michael Cheney, was featured in the “noteworthy” section of iTunes Store.

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2008-2009

Faculty and Staff Podcasts

Faculty and Staff Podcasts

Faculty and staff from several UIS programs and departments continue to add content to UIS on iTunes U. The following is a list of new podcasts –

  • eDocs at UIS – Instructional Support and Training, ITS
  • Employee of the Month
  • Freshmen Studio – Mae Noll
  • Illinois Springfield On the Grow – The Office of Web Services
  • Illinois Springfield Originals – The Office of Web Services
  • Illinois Springfield Staff Spotlight – The Office of Web Services
  • Illinois Springfield Student Spotlight – The Office of Web Services
  • Inside Illinois Springfield – The Office of Web Services
  • Library Research Methods – Professors Pamela Salela, D. Waheedah, Alysia Peich
  • Staying on TRAC – The Office of Web Services
  • Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center – Kelly Thompson
  • Writing for Public Relations – Professor Michael Cheney

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2007-2008

Our Changing Climate – Professor Bill Warren

Our Changing ClimateThe “ENS463: Our Changing Climate” enhanced podcast is an integral part of a course that attempts to take a neutral stance on climate change, presenting both sides of the issue. In the fourteen programs, including over 400 images and audio lecture files, a great deal of time is spent looking at evidence of global warming and contribution of greenhouse gases to this evidence. Potential remedies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are also considered.

Subscribe and listen to the course podcast [requires iTunes to be installed on your computer]


Khaund makes presentation at regional conference
by Donna McCracken

Munindra Khaund, multimedia education coordinator in Information Technology Services — with colleagues from UIC and UIUC and in collaboration with Apple — presented a session titled “Apple and University of Illinois – iTunes U: Tips for Getting Started,” at the Midwest EDUCAUSE 2008 conference, March 17-19 in Chicago. The presentation focused on workflow, production and support, and dissemination of information via iTunes U.

Khaund has led the podcasting effort at UIS and two years ago was instrumental in UIS’ entrance into the league of elite institutions across the nation that are iTunes U campuses. He is the author of one of the first podcasting “Guidelines and Policies” manuals, a document that has become the foundation for podcasting guidelines and policies at several educational institutions across the country.

Source: UIS Faculty Staff Notables


Revealing Voices

revealing voicesThe ITS Instructional Support and Training team highlights revealing topics and stories through this podcast series. Each series contains a group of episodes covering specific, relevant subject matter. The first series is a collection of interview material for the Springfield Race Riot of 1908. The material for this series was furnished by the UIS Archives Oral History Collection.

Since its inception, the podcast is now featured on the State Journal Register website. It is also featured on the Springfield’s NAACP website.

You can listen to the podcast via the WWW or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.


Khaund makes presentations at international conference
by Donna McCracken

Munindra Khaund, multimedia education coordinator, Information Technology Services, presented a paper titled “Podcasting in Education: A Pedagogical, Marketing, and Project Management Perspective” at the International Technology, Education, and Development Conference, March 3-5 in Valencia, Spain. Conference participants came from five continents and more than 70 countries.

Khaund’s presentation emphasized instructional uses of podcasts in and outside the classroom. In addition, he discussed project management guidelines useful in launching a podcasting initiative, as well as how such an initiative can be marketed for different audiences. Participants also asked Khaund to make another presentation, this one to share in-depth information about the deployment of iTunes U at UIS.

Source: UIS Faculty Staff Notables


Gribbins, Khaund, & Wang make presentation on podcasting
by Donna McCracken

Te-Wei Wang, assistant professor of Management Information Systems, Michele Gribbins, visiting assistant professor of MIS, and Munindra Khaund, multimedia education coordinator in Information Technology Services, presented “Professors on my iTunes Playlist” at the Online Learning Symposium held in October at UIUC. Chaired by Khaund, their panel discussed podcasting as a way to deliver course content, a practice that gives faculty the opportunity to reach students in their own environments.

Since most students now have access to some type of portable music player, what issues should an educational institution consider when it begins to explore podcasting? The panel reported on a survey of students in eight classes who made use of podcasting, and addressed the following questions: Do students believe that podcasting helps them as learners? For what course-related activities do students want to use podcasts?

Source: UIS Faculty Staff Notables


New podcasts available at ‘UIS on iTunes U’

New podcasts available at 'UIS on iTunes U'

The ITS Instructional Support and Training team highlights revealing topics and stories in the “Revealing Voices” podcast at UIS on iTunes U. Each series will contain a group of episodes covering specific, relevant subject matter. Current content includes interview material for “Springfield Race Riot 1908” furnished by the UIS Archives Oral History Collections [with special thanks to Tom Wood].

The “What’s OnStage at Sangamon Auditorium!” enhanced podcast contains information concerning upcoming shows and events at Sangamon Auditorium.

Additional podcasts that continue to bring new and exciting material to UIS on iTunes U are “UIS Presents…”, “UIS Faculty Spotlight”, “From the Chancellor”, “WUIS”, and “What’s New on the UIS Website”.

Interest continues to grow in course-related podcasting, with an offering of twenty courses from several academic programs.

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2006-2007

Podacasting Projects: Academic Year 2006-2007

As the Spring 2006 semester came to a close and the popularity of podcasting as a learning tool began to rise, the need to roll out podcasting on a wider scale at UIS became apparent.

January of 2007 marked the release of UIS on iTunes U at the University of Illinois at Springfield. UIS joined the ranks of educational institutions such as Brown University, Duke University, The University of California at Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, The University of Missouri-Columbia, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison that have become iTunes U campuses.

UIS on iTunes U allows students to subscribe to and download lectures, presentations, and news along with many other campus events and activities in one location, giving them more control over the learning environment.

Faculty from several UIS programs, including Chemistry, Communication, Computer Science, Education, English, History and Management Information Systems have added their lectures to UIS on iTunes U for supplemental material. These podcasts include material from professors who were previously podcasting in the Spring 2006, along with many new additions, including the combined efforts of –

  • Professors Daniel Matthews, Leonard Bogle, Vickie Cook, and Rebecca Fiedler, Educational Leadership;
  • Professor Jennifer Herring, Teacher Education;
  • Professor Jim Grubbs, Communication;
  • Professor Te-Wei Wang, Management Information Systems;
  • Tulio Llosa, Instructor, Computer Science;
  • Jeffrey Newell, Instructor, Educational Leadership.

Professor Harshavardhan Bapat, Chemistry, recently presented at the American Chemical Society national meeting held in Chicago. His presentation is titled, “Podcasting and General Chemistry: What is my Chemistry professor doing in my iPod?”

Along with previously mentioned public podcasts, several others have been added to UIS on iTunes U, including the Prairie Stars Sports Update, From the Chancellor, Students Speak: Life at UIS and UIS Music. UIS on iTunes U continues to grow each day as an exciting addition to the learning environment at UIS.

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2005-2006

Podcasting Projects: Academic Year 2005-2006

Podcasting, a technology that sends audio content directly to a user’s computer or mp3 player, continues to grow in popularity as a means for course supplements and for other kinds of presentations at UIS.

The Instructional Support and Training [ISAT] team in the Information Technology Services department pioneered the UIS podcasting effort and continues to assist faculty in the creation of podcasts for their courses.

In the spring 2006 semester, Professor Michael Cheney continued his use of podcasting and vodcasting in his Liberal Studies course, The Beatles: Popular Music and Society. Professor Cheney was the first user of podcasting at UIS in the fall 2005 semester.

In the MIS department, two faculty members joined the world of podcasting for the spring 2006 semester. Professor Rassule Hadidi began recording his lectures in class, which were converted to podcasts for his Telecommunications class. Professor Michele Gribbins created two podcasts for both her Management Information Systems and Technology Management and Organizational Transformation classes using the resources at ITS.

Other faculty members and departments have taken creative approaches to podcasting. Professor Keith Miller experimented with podcasting for his Foundations of Computer Science class. He continues this summer semester with his Computer Ethics for Computing Professionals class, creating weekly podcasts that follow the same idea, using royalty free music created by the ISAT team.

William White of the History Program at UIS turned to podcasting as an additive to Professor Cindy Nimchuk’s class, Rome and Its Provinces, giving students another way to acquire valuable information.

Professor Jim Grubbs podcasts his KCOM Radio programs, wherein you can listen to information pertaining to the Communication program courses, learn about the program’s faculty, and learn about research being conducted in the program. In addition to the KCOM Radio podcasts, Professor Grubbs publishes weekly podcasts for his Computer Mediated Interpersonal Communication class.

Jeff Newell, Instructor for the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership Program at UIS took a slightly different approach to podcasting. He created a weekly podcast for his Technology in the Curriculum class in collaboration with ITS. In addition, he had his students create their own podcasts as class projects. This approach provided students with hands-on experience of creating their own podcasts for the purposes of teaching.

The ISAT team is also helping to create UIS campus podcasts outside of the classroom setting.

In October 2005, Sherry Hutson, Director of Web Services, created an enhanced podcast for her What’s New at UIS website, featuring five websites at UIS in each of the podcast episodes. Each podcast contains images of the webpages being described, with links and selectable chapters. Ms. Hutson continues this monthly podcast with the support of ITS.

In April 2006, the chancellor’s office created a new podcast titled The University of Illinois at Springfield Presents. Currently it contains three events of great importance to UIS. In the first episode, Chancellor Richard Ringeisen presents the Strategic Plan to UIS students and answers their questions. In the second episode, Senator Dick Durbin holds a town hall meeting with UIS students to discuss legislation that would make college more affordable. The third episode contains the 2006 Commencement Address by Dr. Phillip Shaw Paludan. This podcast will continue to grow as noteworthy events occur at UIS.

Many think of podcasts as a type of “online radio program” with weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly episodes. WUIS-WIPA, the UIS radio station, has taken advantage of this technology by collaborating with the ISAT team in ITS to publish their weekly program State Week in Review. Subscribing to this podcast is very similar to simply tuning into WUIS on the radio. The weekly podcast contains the same program you would hear each week on the radio but with the possibility of re-visiting the program via the podcast – anywhere and any time – with your mp3 player.

The ISAT team continues to collaborate with UIS faculty and staff to support new podcasting efforts, while also continuing their research to find the easiest and most productive methods for faculty, staff, and students to use this technology. The team is currently working on the establishment of a free campus-wide standards-based, cross-platform multimedia distribution service. More information about this groundbreaking effort will be available soon.

The Instructional Support and Training (ISAT) team is a unit of the Information Technology Services department (ITS) at UIS.

LSC431: The Beatles: Popular Music and Society

LSC 431: The Beatles: Popular Music and SocietyAs a part of his online course for fall 2005, The Beatles: Popular Music and Society, Michael Cheney used podcasting and vodcasting for portions of its content. He pioneered this effort at UIS with help and support from Educational Technology. By use of podcasts and vodcasts, Professor Cheney introduced a new approach in classroom communication, one that engaged the different learning styles of class members, and provided a personal dimension to the course.

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Higher Educational Podcast Repository

Ray SchroederThe Higher Educational Podcast Repository project was co-directed by Professor Margaret Maag of the University of San Francisco and Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning, UIS. The Repository database allowed faculty to bring up a lecture, which could be shared with the class – contact information opened the opportunity to bring the expert into online discussions, either synchronously [through Elluminate] or asynchronously [through Blackboard].

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Multimedia Production and What’s New Podcasts

Sherry HutsonSherry Hutson was an adjunct faculty member at UIS, having taught courses for the Communication and Visual Arts programs since 1997. She also supervised student tutorials for those programs as well as the Individual Option program, and had served on numerous student masters degree committees. Ms. Hutson created podcasts for one of her courses, COM 455/ART 475: Multimedia Production and Image Editing, as well as for the UIS website, which she oversaw.

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